The Southern African Trans Forum – Growing from Strength to Strength

The Southern African Trans Forum (SATF) was established in 2015 with the mandate of bringing agency and voice to the emerging trans and gender diverse movement in the Southern Africa Region. Trans and gender diverse persons speaking for themselves, united as a collective, generating knowledge and advocating for inclusion across the region. The Forum’s agenda focuses on health, legal & policy reform, movement building, and data collection & research.

Our forum partnership has grown from 3-4 trans-led organisations in 2014, to 10 in 2015 and to 17 trans led organisations currently in our database. The SATF has stimulated communication and coordination among trans-led and trans-focused organisations across the region. It has enhanced partners’ capacity and channelled funding to support the work of partner organisations and regional work. Maintaining partners’ autonomy, not imposing other priorities, and refraining from being a program implementer have been important in advancing the SATF’s mission.

The SATF has recently undergone a process of formalising its structure, and is composed of partner-organisations, coordinated by a 5-person Steering Committee recently elected for a period of 3 years. We are currently in the process of creating our first strategic plan, which will be concluded by the end of 2018.

It is an opportune time to become part of the SATF partnership, or engage in discussions around partnership or funding support. In this regard, we encourage you to contact our current Chair, Ricky “Rikki” Nathanson ( and Secretary, Lawence Phiri Chipily ( for more information and further discussion. We look forward to your support and collaboration as we work towards an Africa that embodies freedom, equality, dignity, bodily autonomy and self-determination for all.

SATF Steering Committee –Term Ending December 2021

Office Organistion Represented by: Contact
Chair Trans* Research, Eductation, Advocacy & Training [TREAT] – Zimbabwe Ricky “Rikki” Nathanson
Vice Chair Trans, Intersex & Androgynous Movement of Namibia [TIAMON] Deyonce Naris

Secretary Lesbian, Intersex, Trans and other Extensions – Malawi Lawrence Phiri Chipily
Vice Secretary LGBT! Sey – Seychelles Ronny Arnephy
Treasurer Iranti – South Africa Josh Sehoole

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